Automation can animate any device of your home, for your comfort and convenience. Riviera HomeAutomation (RHA)knows how to combine them to feature your home with artificial intelligence that will seamlessly ease and enhance your lifestyle at home.

Standard ‘out of the box’ home automation will do standard controls of audio, voice assistant, lights, fans, TVs, switches, thermostats, garage doors, sprinklers, locks, etc..At RHA, we engineer customized home automation tousesensors in your home and have a behavior that is relevant to the layout of your home.

Commands often are:

  • Wall switch and touch-screen: Customized to fit your interior design with materials, texture,
  • Remote: Smartphone, control panel
  • Invisible: Sensors, programmed, self-learning


And let you control:

  • Lighting: ambiance, service, security, dimming
  • Air conditioning: cooling, heating, humidity, flow
  • Openings: windows, doors, blind and shutters
  • And others: locks, motors, water pumps, fountains, pool, garden sprinkler, bell, gate, valet, etc…

Multimedia and networks

  • Multi-room audio
  • Home cinema
  • Data broadcast
  • Cyber security

RHA can set up as many scenarios as you can imagine to give smart to your home; for example:

  • ‘Leaving the house’, all doors lock and the home switch to surveillance mode
  • ‘Winter night mood’, soft and warm lights will set the ambiance
  • ‘Illuminating path’, lamps light up in front of you before switching off behind you.

And hundreds more, imagination is the limit..