Luxury home automation that gives full freedom to the user.

It can be added to an existing electrical system. Or be built as a new electrical system.
It can be installed with minimal construction/renovation work. Or be a new home construction.
It is engineered with the brands of your choice and no limit to customization.
It is smart and lives with you with its own behavior. But it is over-ridden by a wall switch, a control panel, and your smartphone.

-Start with basic automation in an island of my home : a bedroom with ensuite
Fully integrated and evolutive


-Give artificial intelligence and luxury style to my home : a stylish solution using smart in every room

My home will have creative behaviors in every situation.
Sensors will be invisible.
Light, multimedia, gate video, window shutters, security system will respond to predefined scenarios for ambiance and convenience.
Switch and controls will use customized finish of wood, glass, leather… to match my interior design.
I will drive the entire electrical system from my phone or a control panel.


-Make my outdoor smart and beautiful: intelligent gate and driveway, my pool and garden look stunning

The gate will know when I drive up, and in time will open. The light path will lead me to the house and go out behind my back. The smartphone will receive a message about the arrival of visitors and I will be able to see their image. My lawn will always be perfectly green thanks to the automatic watering system. The fountain will delight me with the murmur of streams, when I’m near. And much more…